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We provide full range of services for registration and certification of pharmaceutical products in Iraq, Jordan and KRG. From the preparation of the dossier in accordance with the requirements of the government to obtain a registration certificate.

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We are helping our partners to connect with the key opinion leaders, doctors, government officials and consumers. We organize conferences, workshops, symposiums for select practitioners, conduct advisory boards for a product, and we help in preparing presentations and brochures.

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A full set of services (Import permit certificate, Shipment, Custom clearance, Warehousing and Customized Transport) guarantees the client’s satisfaction.



Sales & Distribution

Sales and distribution lie at the core of our activities. We are increasing our skills in this area; we have necessary infrastructure so as the growing sales staff. Iraq is a big country area wise and to cover all regions and customers we also use our distributors’ networks.

Ekleel is a complete solution provider making more effective the entire product cycle of our partners from market research, registration, import, sales and marketing campaigns. We do understand that every part of the product cycle is essential to the success of each product, so we pay a great deal of importance to all the four main service categories

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